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Everyone Has A Fight Song

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Everyone Has A Fight Song

Everyone has a fight song, that song that gets you through every struggle. I had a lot of struggles in 2016, I found myself almost giving up several times. There were so many nights of pain and tears and the struggle with unforgiveness. Too many uncertainties and I was beginning to forget who I was. There were beautiful nights too. How can I forget to mention that?

everyone has a fight song

There were times I prayed every prayer I knew how to. And I couldn’t pray anymore. The words just wouldn’t come. Sometimes I would say “I’m done, let the worse happen. But through the trying times, one particular song never left my lips. “Way Maker” by Sinach.

Way Maker by Sinach

You know this thing that everyone has a fight song? My fight song got me through. I know countless number of people music has saved, be it singers or listeners. Those songs that when you listen to, it seems the artist found words to thoughts you could never express.

Through all that I went through in 2016, the hopelessness and pain, the disappointments and betrayal, there was this love that chased me tirelessly even when I kept pushing Him away. He will calm me at nights when I cried without my asking. He would speak to me even though I avoided Him. He would always whisper to me and say everything is okay. He will tell me He loves me and I would fall asleep to the soothing sound of his voice.

We’ve all been through something, some worse than mine. Maybe you lost loved ones, had a ghastly accident, got separated from your children, lost your homes, got ill but we are here now and reading this.

You Made It

everyone has a fight song

Reading this means that you made it and He loves you. I want you to know that it’s going to be okay. You might not have it all figured out but He does. You might not know how but he does. You might feel sometimes that he’s far away, but no, He is right beside you. He loves you.

2017 will have its ups and down like last year. Don’t trick yourself and say there will be no trial. It amazes me how when we cross over to a new year, everyone thinks everything will be perfect.

I found myself singing to Sinach’s “Way Maker” a lot last year. Sometimes when I’m doing my home chores or riding in a bus. That song really helped me. I will say it’s my song of last year.

I couldn’t believe how things turned out. He wiped my tears so stylishly and took reproach away from me. He was indeed my way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and the light in my darkness. 2017 might have its up and down but I know whose I am.

So, we all have a fight song, leave title of song and name of artist in the comment box below. And if you wish, the few lines that meant something most to you.

Happy New Year. I love you.

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