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You Help In Silence, They Call You Stingy – Paul Okoye

You Help In Silence, They Call You Stingy – Paul Okoye

Nigerians and their wahala. Paul of PSquare took to his Instagram handle to complain about how difficult Nigerians are. I understand it is okay to vent, but personally, things like this don’t get to me anymore. I understood early enough that anything you do, people must talk. See what he wrote sha.

You Help In Silence, They Call You Stingy - Paul Okoye

“You help someone today, they call you show off …. you help in silence, they call you stingy,…#onlyinnaija …to an extent even when people need serious help, going public seeking for help or trying to raise fund, u will still hear some people saying “must they go public ” mehhnnn ….. I taya!!! …. yes I know some will say ur reward is in heaven …but then must you kill and discourage while we re on earth!! Am sure as am typing these words now, some English teachers are cheking my grammar.. that’s the life we live in… have a great week all.”

We should all understand this that people must talk. Whether you do good or bad, people are still going to talk. I have been in a place where someone was been criticized for being too good, they turned it around to say the person was pretending.

I remember seeing a home movie when I was much younger, I’m not sure of the title but I guess it’s “Mr Ibu”. The movie featured John Okafor and Osita Iheme as father and son respectively. They were riding home from an outing, father and son sited on the bicycle. Someone passed them and said, “this is not right, how can both of you be riding on a bicycle that is meant for one person?” The son came down and walked why the father rode on the bicycle, another person passed and said, “wicked man, how can you be riding and your son will be walking?” The father came down and put his son back on the bicycle and he walked as he pushed the bicycle, another person said, “abomination, how can a son be riding on a bicycle while his father is walking?” Confused, they both decided to walk and push the bicycle, someone still called them fools for not making use of the bicycle. So, they later realized that whatever they decide to do, people are going to talk.

So biko, do your thing, if you want it private, keep it private, if you want it public, please feel free to do so.

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