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Was 2face Forced To Stop The February 6th Protest?

Was 2face Forced To Stop The February 6th Protest?

I am really sad that 2face canceled the February 6th protest. I was going to be there life because according to Charlyboy, “our mumu don do”. But then again I ask; Was 2face forced to stop the February 6th protest?

Was 2face Forced To Stop The February 6th Protest?

He really doesn’t look happy in the video he shared. His eyes which are always bright looks like they’ve being through some hard nights of hot tears. I mean, he has put a lot into this; he wouldn’t have backed down without a fight. His image and career also being on the line, I think someone or some people are forcing his hands. Let’s not forget that this regime, no matter how they camouflage, they are a bunch of dictators.

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Something is seriously wrong somewhere. Where did the police get the intel that there was going to be an anti-protest. Besides this is not even a political thing. Nigerians are still sleeping and until we can no longer afford ordinary garri, our eyes will not be opened.

The truth is, the way things were going, I believed the forces behind this would have hijacked the peaceful protest and turn into something unrecognizable, blaming 2face in the end. Nigerians should cut 2face a slack and shut up. Most of the people ranting sef wouldn’t have showed up

2face might be in a tight corner but are we all? Can’t the protest go on without him? Must he be in front? Anyway, I doubt we are tired of suffering and smiling.

So what if there is an opposition? Who cares? The way Nigeria is going, we might not be able to revive this country without bloodshed.

Nigerians, abegi, wake up and stop dissing 2face. We should all dis ourselves. We are all responsible.

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