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Nigerian transgender, Miss Sahhara officially disowns father [VIDEO]

Nigerian transgender, Miss Sahhara

British Nigerian transgender, born Clifford Oche, popularly known as Miss Sahhara, has officially disowned and disclaimed her father. The beauty queen, fashion model, singer/songwriter, and a human rights advocate, is known for representing Nigeria in international beauty pageants to draw attention to the plights of LGBTQI+ people in Africa. Nigerian transgender, Miss Sahhara.

Her disclaimer came after a certain man, Chief Agbo Ella, publicly said he would be ready to accept a bride price from any man who would want to marry his son turned daughter.

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Nigerian transgender, Miss Sahhara

Nigerian transgender, Miss SahharaIn an exclusive video interview with Idoma Voice, Pa Ella, who has continued to tell anyone that cares to listen that he is proud of his child who was named Clifford Oche at child birth but later underwent a sex change to become a woman, said he has accepted who his child has turned out to be.

But Miss Sahhara says Pa Ella is not her father. The Benue state-born London-based transgender said that she looks absolutely nothing like the said man in the video.

According to the beauty queen, she does not know the man alleged to be her father in the said video.

She took to her Instagram to react to the video, holding a picture of her mum. She also claimed a single mother, who is also her father and a super hero, went through a lot of pain to bring her and her siblings up, so if there is anyone claiming to be her father, that person is not a ‘good father’ as such person was never in her life.

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Nigerian transgender, Miss SahharaShe said, “This is a disclaimer in response to the rubbish publications about my so called father. Anyone can make a baby, but not everyone can be a parent.

“Pay my tuition, feed me, console me when I was bullied in school, bandaid my injuries, nurse me when I was sick, put me to bed at night, put a roof over my head, have my back no matter what, love me unconditionally and be the source of constant wisdom.

“All of the above was done by one woman, My superhero, My darling beautiful mother whom I look, sound, act like! Pure carbon copy of the crazy woman and I love and adore her to moon and beyond. Claiming someone is yours doesn’t make it true! Nigerian bloggers are so gullible.

“I find it disrespectful to my mother that someone else is claiming to be my parent, my mom is my only parent and is the only one that knows my truth apart from me,” she added.

See video below…

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