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Most Presidents Are Only Front Men…Charlyboy

Most Presidents Are Only Front Men…Charlyboy

This is so sad but I think I agree with it, most presidents are only front men…Charlyboy. I’ve always loved Charlyboy, the Social Activist/former singer. He is never afraid to say what’s on his mind and most of the time, doesn’t even care whom he refers to.

This is what he shared on his social media;

Most Presidents Are Only Front Men...Charlyboy

Pepper Dem Gang – Olamide

What do you think? Do you agree with him? What I know for sure is that every oga has an oga. The men on the front line are not necessarily the boss.

That’s just the way it is*singing*

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  1. Olamide is smoking hot at the moment and should use his time very well, because as we all know, being relevant as a musician for a long time takes substance over form,as footballers would put it, he is in form now. I wish 5 years from now he still dazzle on the stage.

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