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MC Tagwayye: “I Got My First 250k from a Nice Performance at Buhari’s APC Event.”

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MC Tagwayye Attributes Success to Buhari

Before 2015, not many people knew MC Tagwayye the comedian and MC that mimics President Buhari. Generally, most people think that Buhari is not very popular in the Southeast but that’s the more reason why MC Tagwayye rose to fame. 

The comedian whose real name is Obinna Simon has so much admiration for Buhari, the retired general turned Democratic President. On Wednesday, MC Tagwayye took to his Facebook page to share his success story. From all indications, his success can be attributed to President Buhari.

He was only managing his phone repair business, performing in shows, and charging at most 15k according to him before the former APC state chairman in Katsina state invited him to perform for the president at a gala party.

Tagwayye described the Katsina event as his first meeting with President Buhari. He has seen the president from a distance on many occasions at campaign rallies until the Katsina event.

He admitted to receiving his highest payment of 250 thousand naira as payment for his performance. It was a remarkable “long-jump” in his career. MC Tagwayye had struggled with a teaching job that paid him Fourteen Thousand Naira monthly in addition to his phone repair business and charges for performance at events.

How Things Have Changed for MC Tagwayye

Fast forward to 2020 MC Tagwayye’s popularity has soared greatly. He is even an in-law to one of President Buhari’s aides. Many people are amazed by his performances which often mimics President Buhari.

Aside from performing at the last APC grand rally in the buildup to the 2019 presidential election, Tgwayya appears to be very close to the corridors of power and his claim of earning 250k per performance might just be an understatement.

Barely six years ago, MC Tagwayye was struggling with his poor earnings but he still had time for his passion. His turning point came in 2015 when he was invited to Katsina to perform for Buhari and since then things have not been the same.

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