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I will get butt implants soon – Cossy Orjiakor [VIDEO]

Cossy Orjiakor to get butt implant soon

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Controversial Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor has sought opinions from her fans and followers on whether she should have a butt implant or not. Ms Orjiakor is a video vixen, who came to limelight after featuring in a music video by Obesere and is also controversially known for showing off her large bosoms at social events and music videos. I will get butt implants soon – Cossy Orjiakor.

On her Instagram page @cossyojiakor, the Nollywood ‘Queen of Boobs’ shared a video and captioned it:

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I will get butt implants soon – Cossy Orjiakor

I will get butt implants soon - Cossy Orjiakor“Hahahahaha…. Seriously thinking of getting a butt surgery. BBL..fat transfer from Tummy to ass… Heard a certified Nigerian surgeon is doing BBL in vgc. @grandvillemedlaser Seen pictures and I think I can trust my body to him. Anyway do you think I need it. Benefits of having big butt includes having wide butt to cover the whole toilet seat so that when u mess it stays locked down till you flush. Anyway will get mine done by December or January… Tired of being called flat butt… Just because my butt is so humble. . Hahaha praise my butt and tell me a sweet lie that it’s perky and so biggggg … then maybe I will change my mind. And let the ass stay forever humble,” she added.

See video below…

Here are some comments from her followers…

bayurano: “U don’t nid d surgery dear… U look amazing wif dat one u’ve got.”

pretisarah: “If you wanna do it, go for it. Avoid silicone. Fat transfer is safe.”

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roseokwy: “Don’t you dare! Please!”

I will get butt implants soon - Cossy Orjiakormonarch4you: “You don’t need it cos you are perfect the way you are. Any man dat doesn’t appreciate you the way you are is a pig n doesn’t deserve you but if on your own you want to do it. Please do it after having kids.”

da_goshhh: “Naaa dont pls. U r beautiful just d way u r and u gotta love urself. Squats can bring out some ukwu lol but pls dont do any surgery. If to say person fit dash shey i for cut some of mine and give u. Seriously hun, don’t do it. vous êtes belle, sexy et incroyable. Ne permettez pas à la société de définir qui vous êtes. Je t’aime mon fauteur de troubles sexy.”

nopreconceptions: “No way!! Perfect as it is!”

trippleking_lazer: “I think u should, but don’t make it too #big.”

ikibehesi: “Go ahead! But get ready for the consequences since ur not happy with what God gave you.”

I will get butt implants soon - Cossy Orjiakorarewaartistry: “Do you really need it?? Big butts doesn’t define who you are..but if you really want it for the bodycon dresses and for your self confidence, then get it done..I just like your craziness though.”

uche.ann111: “Pls dear you look good. don’t do it or people will think that your boobs too are fake. You are beautiful.”

thecoolone90: “I think you fine the way u are but a big booty would be cool too omg big booty and huge tits damn you be unstoppable lol @cossyojiakor.”

dantala1144: “If you want to get butt surgery then you should, it will make everything proportionate. However if your boo is not complaining about you, then no need I guess.”

damilare_r: “My question is…. It’s d boobs natural??? If yes… dear there is no a reasonable human will support d surgery… It’s always has d very bad/negative aspect of it…. It will sweet ion d first place but u hate it at d end…. Please always be natural. Let lern how to be satisfied with what we have, u will not Knw d value of Gold until u loose it @cossyojiakor.”

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