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(Hilarious) Singer Omawunmi Warns Fans to Stop Calling Her G.O.A.T!

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Nigerian singer Omawunmi is an amazing musician who is known for her lovely voice and cute sense of dressing. But she told er fans on Monday to stop referring to her as G.O.A.T just because of the way it sounds.

Her bogus-hairstyle often gives her audience that feeling of being entertained by the greatest singers of all time. That is why many fans have been describing her as G.O.A.T.

The acronym is not just associated with Omawunmi alone. It has also been used for other celebrities and people who do not know what it means often see it as an insult, whereas it is something good, a compliment.

The singer also fondly called Omawonder took to her Instagram handle on Monday to share a post which she earlier made on twitter. She seemed to be urging her fans to desist from calling her G.O.A.T because it feels like an insult to her.

The acronym G.O.A.T represents “Greatest of All Times” and it is used to praise amazing celebrities like Omawunmi but not everyone knows this.

In her own words, she wrote:

When someone describes me as G.O.A.T…I feel like the person is using style to call me goat!… am I the only one that feels that way? Omawonder

Many fans quickly reacted to her post, the majority of her fans agreed with her that referring to someone as G.O.A.T sounds offensive because it sounds like calling the person a goat. Here are reactions from some of her Instagram followers:

Kingizzleprp “You’d be surprised how often they actually mean goat”

Bubblestarr123 “You are a beautiful G.O.A.T ma.”

Abiolatime “Yeah, not a favorite expression of mine either. Doesn’t really sound like a compliment.”

Patience,mbu “True… Sometimes am even unsure about using it cus I don’t think everyone gets it.”

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