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ENDTIME! Father strangles, stabs 3 children to death [PHOTOS]

Man strangles, stabs 3 children to death [PHOTOS]

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A certain Swiss Cameroonian national has reportedly strangled and stabbed his children to death. Sometimes we wonder why such strange things happen? One would think that the man is mentally unstable, right? Father strangles, stabs 3 children.

His reason for the action is yet to be ascertained but reports have it that he has been arrested by La Replique du Cameroun authorities.

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Father strangles, stabs 3 children

Father strangles, stabs 3 children

The weird incident was made public by a Facebook user. Here’s what the Facebook user, Ojon Piran, shared on his Timeline:

“A Swiss Cameroonian national left his wife in Switzerland, traveled home with his 3 children. He strangled and stabbed them to death in his home in Kondengui District. He later went and took refuge at Swiss embassy in Yaounde, but has been handed to La Replique du Cameroun authorities.”

But another report says they bodies were found days later, already decaying.

Meanwhile, here’s what some social media users have to say about the incident.

Father strangles, stabs 3 children

Black: “The word of God says evil and treachery will circulate the world spreading through air like a communicable disease, fathers will kill their sons and sons shall kill their fathers. Only then will u know that the end is near. May God save us from evil or any manipulation of Satan and his demons which am was the course of this evil.

Verbe: “His wife was not among the victims. This happened in Cameroon a few days ago.”

Blessing: “This the reason why Jonah make mistake and swallow the fish. If the man is not mentally disorder then the wife might have played serious away match,but what ever the matter that the man is a killer need to be killed as well.may their souls rest in peace.”

Ras: “Even if they say judgement is of the lord, i cease this opportunity to condemn u satan u will die in hell government should sentence u for life in jail .U are a very very very wicked man devil.”

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Bashir: “Is this one madness? What’s the world turning into? If only the mother didn’t allow him go with the 3 kids, haba what could have caused such, a man to kill his own, really painful.”

Father strangles, stabs 3 childrenPretty: “I don’t think dis is ordinary it might b a curse from somewhere or someone hunting d man. He really needs to check himself ooo cos how can a man who has bread 3kids to d level kill dem with his hands.”

Sam: “These are Demonic force at play… Buh I believe the God i serve… He Will disgrace and expose their activities…. We need to pray… Harder Dan before, because it has gotten to a level of no control…. These are sign of end time… Devil is working tirelessly to see how he will destroy, kill, and to steal joy from people’s hearts. IT not ordinary, God judgement is sure on diz case, no escape plan.”

Kenny: “Evil spirits are possessing humans. No man with his senses will ever do such things. Don’t relent in your prayer power, only God will take adequate control of these evils possessing minds.”

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