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Did You Live ‘Couple’s Life’ in School? Nigerians Shares their Experiences

It’s not unusual in Nigerian higher institutions to see students cohabiting or living a couple’s life either for love or for convenience. Which ever reason necessitate such decision, many have come to believe any relationship that involves both lovers living together never does ends well.

So a user on Nairaland asked the forum what their experience have been living couple’s life with lovers while being students. Many users dropped their thoughts and experiences and we ave compiled a few.

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Olukaygold wrote on living a couple’s life:

This is my own couple’s life story
First year started with no sex relationship when I was in 100l(Ronke God go judge you for those money you chop without seeing your pant)
200l-na when I started couple’s life with Toyin(not real name) well it lasted for 3months
300-this one is not couples life but confirm marriage life, it’s now 1yr with 2months,even during Coro, we’re still together, I hope and pray this is my last bus stop all Couple’s life Sweet if your partner is loyal and cherished you.

Thesilentman wrote on living a couple’s life:

While at AOCOED,the last couples’ life i lived did not end on a romantic note.This sexy and slender beauty that i had banged like over a hundred times just woke up one sunday and started preaching the gospel to me,that what we were doing is called “living in sin” and that we should stop it and all that jazz.I was shocked.Like play like play,this young lady became a heavy church-goer and a big time S.U. She’s now married to an RCCG pastor.Imagine!

Dukeprince50 wrote on living a couple’s life:

Those that did it knows it didn’t end well.
I was so dissapointed that it couldn’t lead to marriage, we dated for four years, I came out of school with nothing but just a certificate, life as a young graduate ain’t easy mehn. we decided to go our separate ways and stand so we could come back together but distance killed the love and that was how a relationship of five years ended.

I was depressed, frustrated and ask why will God just let my first romance just die like that, i was so helpless to even do anything, but thats just it o, I learned that, in life most things don’t always go the way u planned and there is so much about life u couldn’t understand why it happens but that’s just it, u can’t forget the pains, u just have to carry the pains and move on, and don’t give ppl a reason to see ur depressed face, we all have gone through a lot

Tillaman wrote on living a couple’s life:

Yes I did, I really like that stuff and also there was no suffocation based on a real niqqa shiiit I rented a cheap room self con for my away matches!!
On code

AKAyomide wrote on living a couple’s life

I am still a student in one of the prestige universities in Nigeria. I have experienced just only twice. The first relationship I entered in my life was when I was in level one. The girl and I lived as if we were couple. we were in the same department but different options. To be frank with you,I was sincerely naive about the relationship because I have never had the experience before in my life. she teachs me a lot of things apart from being a good student;she talks sense into my brain when we are lonely and cheer me up after the long discussion on how to control my finances because she doesn’t like when I give money out to people around of me to buy magnitude of marijuana. we only dated for six month because I know she dating someone else,a senior colleague in my department. I feel the pain when I told her if we could be friends on platonic relationship,ever since then,the love between us depreciated but we are still friends based on department mates.some people need to meet people who to inculcate good deeds in them. I so much adore her regardless we are separated.

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