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Aliko Dangote insists he must buy Arsenal football club, reveals he has no house abroad

Aliko Dangote insists he must buy Arsenal football club

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has opened up on his lifetime project and shares regret of not investing in technology. In an interview with Bloomberg, the billionaire further revealed that he has not house abroad and also drives himself, adding that his refinery which is still under construction will be completed in the last quarter of 2017. Aliko Dangote insists he must buy Arsenal football club.

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Aliko Dangote insists he must buy Arsenal football club


In Dangote’s words, he doesn’t like to throw away money and has no home outside Nigeria. He likes a simple and quiet life.

“I’m not a person who just likes to throw away money. I spend more money on charitable things than myself. I actually don’t have any home outside Nigeria. I stay in hotels. Quiet. Simple. My life is not very lavish, and I actually get very embarrassed if I try to show that I have money.

“In Lagos, I drive myself around on weekends. I ask my driver to go rest, and then I drive myself around. I still visit my normal friends I grew up with. My house is open 24 hours a day for them. I mingle with everybody. That’s the only way to get to know what’s going on”.

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Another thing on the wish-list of the 60-year-old businessman is to buy Arsenal football club.

“I don’t want to go after Arsenal until I deliver the refinery. Once I deliver, I will go after Arsenal.

Aliko Dangote insists he must buy Arsenal football club“I don’t change clubs. Even when Arsenal isn’t doing well I still stick by them. It’s a great team, well-run. It could be run better, so I will be there. I will wait. Even if things change I will take it and make the difference going forward.”


To Dangote, the refinery is his lifetime project and he is backing it up with his own life to make sure it is delivered.

“We are using our own money. This is my lifetime project. I have to back it up with my own life to make sure it is delivered. I know that, yes, it’s true, a lot of people have tried to deliver on refineries in the past, mostly governments. They couldn’t.”

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Dangote says his refinery, which would refine 650,000 barrels a day, would be among the largest in the world.

“We didn’t really realize that we were going to need almost 70 million cubic meters of sand. But we are catching up, and I’m sure we’ll be able to deliver it by the last quarter of 2017.

Aliko Dangote insists he must buy Arsenal football club“We have actually never failed in delivering any project. We always deliver our projects on time and at cost. If we hadn’t delivered our projects on time, that would be something. We will definitely deliver, by the grace of God.”


By 2025, Dangote says he would have investments worth $50 billion in the US and Europe.

“Beginning in 2020, 60% of our future investments will be outside Africa, so we can have a balance. We are looking at petrochemicals but can also invest in other companies.

“Let’s say that by 2025, I’m looking at between $20 billion and $50 billion. Mind you, we don’t do small things.”


“I never worry about being too bold. In business it’s good to be aggressive, but with a human face.

“I thought at first I was really aggressive until I watched this show, The Men Who Built America. I realized that actually they were much bolder than us. Someone like Vanderbilt, he built 50,000 miles of rail! That is a very bold move. That’s why anything we do, we don’t do it small. If there’s any human being who has done this equally, I am equal to the task to do the same. I actually have a sign on my desk that says, ‘Nothing is impossible’.”


Dangote says he’d have loved to invest in tech, especially because companies in that industry get bigger valuations than industries like agribusiness.

“Look at the US, the way the tech companies are getting massive. And it’s still nothing compared to the GEs, yet those don’t get that kind of valuation. I wish that we’d entered tech, but our concentration has always been in Africa.”

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