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Church Of Adonitology: Religion Where Women’s Buttocks Are Worshipped

Church Of Adonitology: Religion Where Women's Buttocks Are Worshipped

Church Of Adonitology: Religion Where Women’s Buttocks Are Worshipped

-Adonitology is a religion where followers worship the buttocks of women

-The religion was founded by a Prophet Adonis who claims that God visited him in 1996

-Prophet Adonis claims to have been persuaded by an angel to start a movement and create a holy book for the religion

Adonitology is a special religion where women with big buttocks are worshipped. Yeah, you read that right, Buttocks!

This movement started in 1996 when a man named Adonis claims to have been visited by an angel with curvy hips.

Adonis was ordered by the curvy angel to create a religion for curvy women and even write a holy book (The book of Adonai) to guide the worshippers.

The book of adonitology
Into more interesting part…

The official dance for this special religion is twerking. The worshippers find it to be therapeutic and positive.

According to “prophet” Adonis, the twerk praise dance which is the official praise dance is great for relieving stress. He claims that holiness is invited into premises where women twerk.

The prophet also believes that ladies without big buttocks need deliverance and they will be blessed with big behinds.

While not many people actually believe in this religion, it has attracted a lot of interest from all over the globe.

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Some people find the objectification of women and their bodies to be offensive.

Others, on the other hand, believe that this religion is a big joke that was created by Internet trolls as a unique concept.

Whether Adonitology is real or just a joke religion, it is one that causes a lot of excitement and controversy.

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