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“Anonymous” Hacking Group Gives Nigerian Govt 72 Hours To #ENDSARS (VIDEO)

the #ENDSARS campaign by Nigerians have drawn the attention the world most dreaded hacktivist. International hacking group known as the Anonymous have allegedly hacked into the Nigerian Police database and have released names, phone numbers and emails of SARS operatives. They have also given the Nigerian government 72 hours to bring to justice every SARS operatives who have killed #ENDSARSprotesters.

Anonymous is a decentralised international group of hackers who utilise their hacking skill for activism against government, government institution and agencies.

Naija.FM could not independently verify the audio released allegedly made by the Anonymous group as at press time.

Meanwhile, Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has pledged his support as well as calling for donation towards the #ENDSARS protest.

On Sunday, 11 October, 2020, prior to a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigerian police leadership through the Inspector General of Police announced the disbandment of SARS. And on Monday, 13 October, the IGP announced that a Special Weapon And Tactic team made up of former operatives of the SARS would be setup to fulfill the mandate of the defunct police unit.

Nigerian protesters who have been holding their grounds for nearly a fortnight of street campaign have no plans to back down just yet as they insist that until there are evidential result, especially the persecution of erring police officers and the compensation of victims of police brutality, the street demonstration will not end.

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