Bitcoin Surpasses $20k Barrier For The First Time

– Bitcoin surpasses $20k barrier for the first time as more traditional investors shows interests.

– The crypto moved up to $20,800 on Wednesday, ending the year by almost 170% leap

– The surge in bitcoin valuation is a testament of how most are now anticipating it to become a mainstream means of payment.

Amid increasing corporate interest, bitcoin, today moved over $20,000 for the first time and its highest ever.

The cryptocurrency attained an all-time zenith of $20,800, gaining more than 170% this year alone as more investor consider it attractive based on it tendency to garner quick gains while being resistant to inflation and most importantly, the expectation that it’ll become a mainstream payment method sooner than ever.

Many have nurtured the expectation that bitcoin will before the end of the year surpass its all-time high of $20,000 given how much emphasis institutional investors and blue chip companies have being placing bets on it.

Although smaller coins like enthereum and XRP, are moving in few strides compared to bitcoin, it is a positive indicator of how much cryptocurrency is being accepted by the larger population.

Meanwhile, we reported earlier that the Nigerian government has directed all telecommunication operators to deregister all SIM cards that are not synchronized with the National Identity Number (NIN) by December 30th 2020.

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