New WhatsApp Update Allows 512 People Per Group

New WhatsApp Update Allows 512 People Per Group

  • A new WhatsApp update has been launched that allows users to add up to 512 people in a group.
  • The feature is not yet available to everyone but the company revealed that it will be slowly extended to most users.
  • Meta also plans to roll out reaction emojis on Whatsapp.

Instant messaging giant, WhatsApp has launched a series of features to enhance users’ experience in its latest update. The messaging app is set to expand its member limit on groups to 512 people.

New WhatsApp Update

The group limit expansion comes after years of complaints from users. Many have also been forced to move their groups to rival app, Telegram due to WhatsApp’s 256 limit. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram allows users to add up to 2,000 people into one group.

Meanwhile, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, took to his Facebook page on May 5, 2022, to announce that the company wants to roll out a series of new reaction emojis in the new WhatsApp update.

Other Features to Expect

WhatsApp is also introducing an Admin delete feature to its group. In a situation where a group member posts offensive messages in a group, the admin can delete that message for all the users.

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Also, Whatsapp users will now be able to send files up to 2GB in size at once on the app. This is a significant increase from the app’s previous limit of 100MB.

Finally, the app will also introduce a one-tap voice calling for up to 32 people. This feature comes with a new design and is great for users who prefer call to text.

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