Goodbye BlackBerry: Phone Giant Ceases Operation

Goodbye BlackBerry: Phone Giant Ceases Operation

  • BlackBerry phones may have stopped functioning as the Canadian company seized operation of the software
  • The company announced that 4th of January 2022, devices will be unable to receive over the air provisioning updates
  • As the company shuts down its server, users will lose access to functionality such as data, phone calls, and SMS

If you still own a BlackBerry phone, it may be time to say goodbye to your device.

As of Tuesday, January 4th, 2022, the company will seize legacy services for all old devices running on the BB OS.

This means that any device running on the BlackBerry software will no longer function optimally, and users have to bid goodbye to basic functions like data, phone calls, SMS, and 911.

However, BlackBerry’s Android-powered devices which include the KeyOne, Key2, and Key2 LE will continue to function.

Regarded as the smartphone giant of the 2000s, BB began to lose its position as a major player in the industry with the emergence of Apple’s iPhone and Google Android devices.

The company attempted a comeback in 2013, by introducing touchscreen-only devices but this was met with poor sales.

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In 2016, be company announced that it will no longer manufacture the devices and a complete shutdown was announced in 2020.


As of this moment, the Canadian company has diverted its resources into the security software business, offering services to businesses and the government.

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