$1.5B App Store Fraud Blocked By Apple in 2021

$1.5B App Store Fraud Blocked By Apple in 2021

  • Apple says that it prevented nearly $1.5 billion in potential fraudulent transactions on its app store in 2021.
  • The company rejected more than 343,000 apps for privacy violations, while 157,000 plus apps were rejected for being copycats.
  • The App Store also prevented 1.6 million risky and untrustworthy apps and app updates from defrauding users. 

Apple has in a recent update revealed that the company has protected its customers from nearly $1.5 billion worth of potentially fraudulent transactions on its App Store in 2021.

In addition to this, the company also stopped over 1.6 million vulnerable and risky apps and app updates from defrauding unsuspecting users of the App Store. 

With these, Apple was able to prevent attempted theft of its users’ information, time, and money. 

Going further, the company assures its customers that it would keep up with the task of continuously ensuring that the App Store is a safe and trusted place for iOS users to discover and download apps. 

In an update released by the company on its website, this was written:

 “Bad actors continue to evolve their methods of online fraud, often making their schemes harder to recognize. That is why Apple has continued to refine its processes, create new ones, and engineer solutions to take on these threats.” 

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From the company’s report on fraud prevention 2021, the following was made known to the public;

  • More than 34,500 apps were rejected for containing hidden or undocumented features.
  • More than 157,000 apps were rejected for being spam, copycats, or misleading users.
  • More than 343,000 apps were rejected for privacy violations.
  • About 3.3 million stolen credit cards were prevented from purchasing.
  • Nearly 600,000 accounts were banned from ever transacting again.
  • More than 170 million fraudulent customer accounts were deactivated amongst many other fraudulent attempts that were prevented by Apple on its App Store. 

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