Breakdancing To Be Added To 2024 Olympic Games in Paris

– Breakdancing to be added to 2024 Olympic games according to the International Olympic Committee

– The decision to add athletic style of urban dance was made on Monday, November 8, 2020.

– Breakdance was pioneered by hip-hop artists in the 70s in the US.

On Monday, the athletic style of urban dance was recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Breakdancing is a street dance style founded within the Black community in the United States and has now been added to the 2024 Olympic games,

International Olympic Committee on Monday recognised the dance as a lifestyle sport and in an effort to get more younger viewers, the sport will be featured at the 2024 Paris Games.

Historically, breakdancing has it root among hip-hop artist in the early 70s and had grown to become a global culture.

Breakdancing to be added to 2024 Olympic games

According to the committee, the competitors will be judged on factors such as their , creativity and style, technical skills, speed, strength, rhythm and agility,

Breakdancing to be added to 2024 Olympic games

In a statement by Thomas Bach, president of the Olympics committee, breakdancing at the Paris Games will be focused on gender equality and young people and to deliver a Games is fit for a post-corona world.

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