5 Secrets to Help You Identify Yahoo Boys

5 Secrets to Help You Identify Yahoo Boys

You might like it or not but there’s no denying that internet fraud remains prominent in Nigeria.

Some youths have discovered an easy way to make money and there’s no stopping them from trying to make their way out of poverty, even if it means ruining someone else’s.

Not trying to stereotype but have you ever spoken to a person and within minutes of talking, you can already predict that the person is a yahoo boy? A good number of times, you’ll end up being right.

This is because internet fraudsters AKA Yahoo boys often have characteristics that make them easier to identify.

You don’t believe it? Stick around as we show you 5 ways to identify yahoo boys mainly by looking and interacting with them.

They Have a Shady Source of Income

If you ask a guy what his job is and he doesn’t give you a straight answer, odds are that you’re talking to a yahoo boy.

Most times, the best response you’ll get from such guys is “I dey hustle” or “I dey work”. Well, most jobs have names, especially those that make you millions monthly.

Lots of Sim Card and Gadgets

If there’s one thing that can help you identify yahoo boys easily, it’s their need for multiple sim cards and gadgets.

If you know people that have a lot of sim cards and are not clear about what they use them for, you might be talking to fraudsters. You know the saying by whoever, “if it sounds shady, then it is shady”.


Yahoo boys are easy to identify, especially in their upcoming stages.

Why’s that so? It is because of an unexplainable love for fake designers.

If he wears any of these, he might be a Yahoo boy.

Yahoo boy clothes

Note: this is not totally accurate. Don’t stop talking to that guy because he has a poor fashion sense.

Constant Lies

You may be talking to a Yahoo boys if you know people that constantly lie about their activities.

Why else would you have to lie about why you’re up by 3 am or why you don’t work either in the morning or night.

Yahoo boys

Except you’ve won the lottery, you’re the CEO of a Unicorn or booming business how do you explain a lavish lifestyle without a source of income?

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Fake Social Media Accounts and Photos of Foreigners

Hey, your friend is Nigerian and lives in the country. Why does he have the photos of so many white people on his phone?

These photos don’t just decorate the gallery, they are used to catfish people and rip them off.

Also, if the guy’s name is “Ciroma Chukwuma Adekunle” why does he have a social media account with the name “Mark James”?

Most times, it’s so obvious cause they have about 5 of these accounts on the same phone. Bros you’re not a social media manager.

Disclaimer: Don’t take my word for it and push your friend away just because he fits into any of these categories. But then again, the signs are always there.

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