Marie Ayala: Man Killed By His 2-Year-Old Son

Marie Ayala: Man Killed By His 2-Year-Old Son

  • A Florida mom has been charged with manslaughter after her 2-year-old son fatally shot his dad in the back.
  • She admitted that she did not store the gun properly, and it was easily accessible for anyone.
  • The police believe that Marie Ayala was negligent.

It was a tragic scene in Florida as a man was reportedly killed by his two-year-old son. The authorities reported that the son fatally shot his father in the back.

Marie Ayala

According to the elder brother of the two-year-old boy, he had pulled the trigger on him while he was playing a video game.

Marie Ayala, the wife of the deceased and the mother of the two-year-old child, has been charged with manslaughter by blameworthy negligence.

According to Orange County Sheriff John Minna, the tragic situation was due to negligence and inability to properly keep the gun in a safe place, making it accessible to everyone, including children.

A statement released by the NBC affiliate WELSH reads:

“The children were not injured physically, but they will likely carry emotional wounds forever. Not only have they effectively lost both parents, the toddler who accidentally shot his father in the back will have to grow up with the knowledge that his actions caused his dad’s death. If you own a gun, always be responsible.”

When speaking to some investigators, Ayala disclosed that she was with her husband, three children, and an infant in the bedroom of their home in Orlando when the gun went off and a bullet hit Reggie Mabry, her husband. It wasn’t until many hours later that he was pronounced dead in the hospital.

She further admitted that the gun was placed under a pillow, making it accessible to anyone.

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A sheriff’s detective said:

“I then asked Marie Ayala if she thought the gun being stored in a bag, three feet above the ground, was safe with children in the room,” 

“She advised it was not safe. She acknowledged that any child in the room could have figured out how to get the gun out of the bag.”

Marie Ayala has also been charged to court for illegal firearm possession and will appear in court on Saturday.

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