Lightning Strike in India Kills 11 People

Lightning Strike in India Kills 11 People

  • 11 people have been killed by lightning strike in India while taking selfies at an Amer Fort on July 11
  • 30 people were at the historic fort when the incident occurred, 11 were killed immediately, 17 were injured and 3 are in critical condition
  • Authorities confirmed that about 63 people were killed by lightning strikes across various states in India

11 people were killed by lightning strike in India while several others were injured at the Amer Fort in Jaipu on Sunday, July 11.

Local authorities reported that up to 30 people were on the historic tower when the incident occurred.

11 people who were struck died immediately while 17 were injured by the strike with 3 in critical condition.

The fort was filled with tourists who were taking selfies. Local media reports that many had to jump to the ground after the strike.

While many of the injured were able to come out by themselves, some were left unconscious and required immediate medical help.

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On the same day, lightning strikes killed more than 42 people across different districts of Uttar Pradesh in India.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi offered his condolence to the family of the deceased while declaring that special payments will be made to them.

Lightning strike in India

Each year hundreds are killed by thunderstorms and lightning strike in India in the moon season.

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