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SHAME! 2 Nigerian police officers caught on camera demanding bribe from bus driver [VIDEO]

Bribery and corruption is no doubt a ‘normal’ trend in the Nigeria Police Force. Policemen caught on camera demanding for bribe.

In this video from the Committee for the Defense of Human Right, two police officers were secretly recorded while removing the plate number of a bus.

This was because the driver allegedly refused to give them money.

The officers have been identified as Jacobson Oguma and Damian Onwe in Warri, Delta state.

Policemen caught on camera demanding for bribe
From corruption in the offices with top officials embezzling public funds, they take the silly act to extorting money at checkpoints.

This bizarre act has in time past led to the beating and even killing of innocent civilians.

Institutionalised extortion, lack of political will for reform and impunity, mean Nigerians are more likely to encounter police threatening them and demanding bribes than enforcing law.

In major cities across Africa’s most populous nation (Nigeria), armed police setup checkpoints every evening.

They do this ostensibly to control high levels of crime, including armed robbery and kidnapping.

But the checkpoints are in reality tolls at which officers attempt to force motorists to pay money.

ISKABA – Wande Coal Ft DJ Tunez [VIDEO]

You will agree with me, it’s sometimes grinning, Kalashnikov in hand, and asking “anything for the boys?”

Policemen caught on camera demanding for bribeFrom seeming like a joke, it frequently and eventually becomes more aggressive.

Extortion-related confrontations between the police and motorists often escalate into more serious abuses.

And at the end of the day, it’s the masses that are at the losing end.

God help you if they drag your vehicle to their office, you will see ‘shege’. Lol

Watch the video below and let’s have your thoughts.

Of course we know it is no longer news.

I am looking forward to a Nigeria without this rubbish”

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