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Apo Six Killings: Police Brutality Has Been On Since 2005

History can never forget the brutal killings of 6 young men in 2005 by men of the Nigerian police. The recent calls to End Police Brutality are founded on many years of aggressive use of force and abuse of power, by policemen, against innocent citizens. It was a day nothing short of horror for the families of the deceased.

In 2005, six men -Ekene Isaac Mgbe, Ifeanyi Ozor, Chinedu Meniru, Paulinus Ogbonna, Anthony Nwokike, and Augustina Arebu were shot in cold blood by the police after reaching a checkpoint. The officers claimed the victims were members of a robbery gang.

To cover up their crime, the policemen recovered the bodies of the deceased youths and paraded them with weapons as armed robbers. This gruesome act took place in Apo, Abuja.

The erstwhile president, Olusegun Obasanjo had to compensate the families of the deceased and tendered an apology after a panel of inquiry got the to the truth of the matter, absolving the victims of the frivolous allegations brought by the Nigerian police.

The case dragged on in court until 2017 when two police officers, involved in the brutal killings, were sentenced to death. It was Justice Ishaq Bello of the federal high court in Abuja who brought the culprits to justice.

The names of the officers sentenced to death are Achejene and Baba. An investigation by the BBC in 2009 indicates that the victims were mainly spare part dealers.

Sad histories like this are what fuels the End Police Brutality protest springing across Nigeria.

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