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Indonesian Man Shocks Everyone By Marrying Rice Cooker

Indonesian Man Shocks Everyone By Marrying Rice Cooker

  • An Indonesian man surprised everyone on Facebook when he announced that he had married his rice cooker
  • Khoirul Anam married the Philips cooker claiming that it talked less and was good at making food
  • The marriage however lasted only four days as Anam claimed that his new machine bride was only good at cooking rice

You must have seen several unusual marriages in your life but nothing beats that of an Indonesian man to a Rice Cooker.

Khoirul Anam went viral on social media after pictures emerged showing him getting married to a Phillips cooker.

In the pictures, Anam was dressed in fancy wedding attire while his machine bride also adorned the bride’s clothing.

In other pictures, he was seen kissing the bride, while another one showed him signing the wedding papers to seal the marriage.

His reason for the marriage was that the device talked less and was very good at making food.

Anam captioned the image as, “White, quiet, good at cooking, very dreamy”.

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The shocking part however was that Anam’s marriage to the rice cooker lasted only 4 days.

The Indonesian man announced the end of his marriage on Facebook claiming that the device was only good at cooking rice.

Rice Cooker

Although Netizens we’re bewildered by the marriage and divorce many believe that it was a publicity stunt by Anam.

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