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5 Weird Things We Did As Kids In Nigeria

5 Weird Things We Did As Kids In Nigeria

5 Weird Things We Did As Kids In Nigeria

-Growing up as a kid in Nigeria exposes you to some fun activities

-This article talks about the weird things we did as kids in Nigeria

Nowadays, not a lot of children practice the fun activities we used to back then. Most kids would rather just play video games.

We did enjoy those activities and we know how fun they were. In this article, I’ll take you down memory lane to the interesting things we did as kids in Nigeria

Make-believe (Mummy and Daddy)

As kids, we often looked up to our parents and copied their every move. This includes acting out their parenting roles.

You definitely tried mimicking your parents in special dramas. The best part is if you get to be the mother or father and order your friends around.

Building sandcastles

Things we did as kids in Nigeria

One of the reasons our clothes were so dirty back then is cause we loved the sand. Remember the special houses you carved out in the sand? Some of them with your legs.

Some of these houses were so finely constructed that they brought out the architects and Civil Engineers in many.

Sucking nectar from flowers

Sometimes you wonder how we managed to avoid getting poisoned when you think about the things we ate back then.

Remember this red flower (Hibiscus) that we always licked just for the fun of it? It’s a good thing that we didn’t have a lot of poisonous plants around.

Fake sickness to avoid school

Have you ever woken up and felt like not going to school? Well, we also have a cheat code for this. Play sick.

This was a real craft and you have to be really good to make your parents fall for it. For those with strict parents, this still didn’t work though.

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Make food from sand and leaves

Another one of the many things we did as kids was making food from sands and leaves. Okay, not actually food.

Girls were notorious for this. Tomato tin was the pot, leaves were the vegetable and sand was the rice.

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