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Electronic Transmission of Election Results: Senate Reviews 2021 Electoral Bill

electronic transmission of election results - Senate


The Senate of Nigeria earlier today, Tuesday, 12th October 2021 moved to rescind the decision made earlier regarding the electronic transmission of election results. This was met with a lost of uproar among Nigerians online and offline as they believed it was a bid to stifle transparency.

In July this year, the Senate considered the report on the 2010 Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2021. The initial clause in the bill presented by the Committee on INEC  stated that INEC could transmit election results where and when it is practicable. This was changed to be subject to approval by the “NCC based on the adequacy and security of the National Network”

Now, the Senate has reconsidered its position in subjecting the Independent National Electoral Commission to get approved by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) before electronic transmission of election results.

The Changes to the Electronic Transmission of Election Results Clause

Electronic Transmission of Election Results - INEC

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With the amendment, the bill now reads “Subject to section 63 of this Bill, voting at an election and transmission of results under this Bill shall be in accordance with the procedure determined by the Commission, (INEC) which may include electronic voting.”

The senate also moved in support of direct method only for the conduction of party primaries. The clause now reads “A political party seeking to nominate candidates for elections under this Bill shall hold direct primaries for aspirants to all elective positions, which shall be monitored by the Commission.”


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