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5 Richest Kids in Nigeria (You’ll be Shocked)

5 Richest Kids in Nigeria

5 Richest Kids in Nigeria

  • Check out the richest kids in Nigeria

  • This list features self-made rich kids as well as those who have inherited their wealth

Many children think of becoming wealthy and famous when they get older but some kids have it all at a young age.

Check out our list of the 5 richest kids in Nigeria. These young ones have gathered incredible wealth for themselves.

Some of these kids acquired their wealth through help from their parents, while others are self-made.

5. Amarachi Uyanne (30 million Naira)

We all know Amarachi from Nigeria’s Got Talent in 2012. The talented dancer won the competition along with its grand prize at the age of 8.

5 Richest Kids in Nigeria

Amarachi has also released her song since then, along with appearing on numerous shows.

4. Emmanuella (60 Million)

Emanuella started her comedy career under MarkAngels comedy on YouTube.

Her videos were very popular and she made a name for herself globally.

She currently features in various movies and has a net worth of 60 million Naira.

3. DJ Young Money (61 million Naira

DJ young money is one of the coolest and richest kids in Nigeria.

The youngster is a talented disk jockey that is signed to K-Nation Entertainment.

2. Ahmed Starboy Music (65 Million Naira)

Remember the young boy that got a record deal from Wizkid after performing on stage many years ago?

Ahmed’s deal saw him receive 10 million from the label then, and he is worth 65 million Naira at the moment.

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1. Mompha Junior (500 Million Naira)

Who else takes the top spot than the son of famous Nigerian businessman Mompha?

Muhammed Lawal Mustapha lives a luxurious life, aided by the health of his father.

Best believe that not many Nigerian kids live better lives than this boy at the moment.

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