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Thank you by Sean Tizzle

Thank You by Sean Tizzle

There is nothing more than to be thankful to those who helped you during your journey in life. God is one we must never forget to thank. In Thank you by Sean Tizzle, he thanks God for all He has done for him. Seeing him from the beginning of the hustle even till this point.

Life can be rough sometimes and the hustle really tough, but if we look closely, we will see how much God has done for us. Nobody is exactly at the same point all the time, we might not achieve what we hoped to in a particular period of time but at least we are alive to always try again. Thank you by Sean Tizzle makes me reflect on how far I’ve come.

Common, today is Sunday, why don’t you sit back and count your blessings instead of holding on to those things that didn’t work out.

Last year, I prayed and laboured hard for a lot of things but they didn’t happen for me. I felt miserable, at some point I even felt I was not good enough. But towards the end of last year God started doing them for me, long after I stopped worrying and started taking it one step at a time. God doesn’t forget, it’s just not the right time yet.

I really didn’t understand it then but I do now, He has the perfect time and He is working it out for that time. So wait. Instead of worrying, just keep doing what you got to do, because there must be something He has to bless.

So it’s beautiful Sunday and I’m gonna go to church and give God thanks. So even if you are not going to church, just thank Him where you are.

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