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Now guys, I had tears in my eyes, watching this latest jam from the twin brothers. It just goes to show that no matter the squabbles between siblings, blood is always thicker than water and there’s bound to be a comeback. I knew they couldn’t just function apart because they make the greatest impact together and Bank Alert by PSquare the multi-award winning singing duo is a indication of how a setback can be a setup for a grand comeback.

Trust me, P.Square came on with a huge bang as they dropped a music video showing broke Paul trying to convince his girlfriend that he needs to travel abroad to make money so as to be able to come back and marry her like a queen, while her mother {a role played by Veteran, Onyeka Owenu} was sitting at the balcony breaking egusi on a tray.

Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu who acted the role of a father to Paul’s girlfriend seemed to be against the relationship at first as he was seen to have chased the Peter and Paul with a machete.

BANK ALERTWell, after 5years of making it big financially, both brothers came back to the village in a grand style attracting a huge crowd of people who watched their display of wealth. Even though Paul’s girlfriend acted like she didn’t care about the attention bestowed on her {as per she dey form shakara na… asin why her boyfriend make her wait for long freaking 5years ehnn}.

Meanwhile, her parents were jubiliating and basking in the euphoria of having a rich son-in-law eventually {with Mr Ibu forgetting how he first disliked his one time poor but now prospective son-in law}.

Finally, the said girlfriend after being nudged by her friends, ran for a big hug from Paul who held a placard asking her to marry him.
Great story-line no doubt and it made me wonder, how many Nigerian ladies would wait patiently for their men to return on such quest.

Not just wait oOh and be cornered by some sharp guy who would gladly scratch the bottom pot until her “main gee” returns to find her pot shinning clean like ororo’ (warri people call it groundnut oil)  but she waits faithfully, trusting that he will return to her?

Naija babes no loyal like that na…so I think just 2% of women would! #InMyWaffiVoice


Now, there ain’t a doubt that this music is all about love, patience, commitment and hardwork and how people’s disposition towards your status in life changes accordingly.  Overall as I watched Bank Alert by P.Square, it bespoke volume of how effective their comeback together as a team in the entertainment world is as impactful; just as much as their comeback to the village to take a worthy bride who valued the core essence of holding on and waiting for what she perceived as true and deserving, splattered gooseflesh on my skin.

Conclusively BANK ALERT is one of the best videos of all time for the P. Square.
The bank alert video has cameo appearances of the legendary Onyeka Onwenu, Mr Ibu, Phyno, Kcee, and a host of other artistes. Ofcourse it was directed by Clarence Peters (baddest producer alive, man!) and Jude Okoye for Square Records. Check  it out and enjoy and don’t forget to rate it or hate it, down the comment session below!

Artistes: P. Square
Track: Bank Alert
Released date: September 2016
Record Label: Square records

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