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Bishop Oyedepo Finally Reveals Shocking Reason for Sacking Winners’ Pastors

Bishop Oyedepo Finally Reveals Shocking Reason for Sacking Winners’ Pastors

  • Lead pastor of Living Faith Church International Bishop Oyedepo has finally opened up about the sacking of pastors in some of the church’s parishes
  • Pastor Peter Godwin based in Ekiti state claimed that the church sacked some pastors, himself included for failing to meet growth index expectations
  • Speaking about the church’s decision to dismiss the pastors, Oyedepo claimed that they were “unfruitful”

Bishop Oyedepo of Living Faith Church International, popularly known as Winners’ chapel has claimed that pastors that were dismissed by the church were unproductive.

Bishop Oyedepo

It will be recalled that a pastor of the church, Peter Godwin claimed that the church sacked some pastors in Ekiti state for failing to the church’s growth index expectations.

According to the pastor, the church management told them that “the church cannot operate at loss”.

Peter Godwin also disclosed that the management told him that the income from his parish should have been able to cater for his welfare and accommodation.

The letter that was issued to the pastors

The revelation by the pastor caused a lot of controversy on social media with many claiming that the church was being run like a business.

Others dismissed the claim, stating that the church was within its rights to sack anyone who failed to meet expectations.

Bishop Oyedepo addressed the issue while speaking to the church congregation.

The pastor slammed the pastors, claiming that there were unfruitful and blatant failures.

“We asked you to go because you are unfruitful. Unfruitful! Blatant failure. Doing what there? We have no patience with failure here.”

The pastor also defended the churches decision by stating that the organisation employs more people than most states in the country.

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He also added that the church was not going to condone the failure of the pastors.

Commenting on the financial status of the church, Bishop Oyedepo stated that the church has never lacked financially and they don’t need to pray for money.

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