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Pastor sells blood of Jesus drink for 2k in Akwa Ibom

Pastor sells blood of Jesus drink for 2k in Akwa Ibom

The story of a pastor in Akwa Ibom who sells the ‘blood of Jesus’ is currently making the rounds. A shocked social media user identified as Victoria, shared alleged photos of a “controversial” drink which is now being sold in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital. Pastor sells blood of Jesus.

According to Victoria, the red drink which is called ‘The Blood of Jesus’ and sponsored by a popular church in the area, is being sold for N2,000, adding that lots of Nigerians are buying the drink.

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Pastor sells blood of Jesus

Pastor sells blood of JesusHowever, some social media users, particularly Nigerians, have said the drink can do “wonders” in one’s body system after taking it.

While some think the idea is okay, others have shared their contrary opinions. See some comments below…

Jay: “The blood of my own Jesus can neva b sold. Fake blood dat will still give people deadly sickness. May God ve mercy on d producer. I guess u didn’t see any other name to give to ur products dan using Christ Name so that u can sell. #rubbish.”

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Seun: “These Akwa ibom people are really getting mad, God will punish whoever is doing dis by trying to mock him, useless people it’s only how to do house maid and do juju dat the no, all calabar and akwa ibom people are very mad and stupid.

Pastor sells blood of JesusNelson: “The owner of this drink is useless, the blood of Jesus is not for sale, please find another name for your drink.”

Martha: “People should be very careful of what they buy in the name of church and miracle before they will start putting blood that has HIV and other transmitted diseases to sell to people who can’t wait for God’s own time.”

Leo: “African mentality also been brainwashed with some religion folks force on them with the same slave masters that stole their heritage and culture. What’s the blood of Jesus, can someone tells me which religion God belong to do someone have to be a Christian or Muslim to believe in God. People needs to wake up from their ignorance!”

Pastor sells blood of JesusFavour: “This is pure ,,it work oooo,,my neighbor sister bought it and she is healed i try buying it ,and my money lost on the way.”

Innocent: “Nawa ooo I think its so cheep y not 100k nah..and mumu them will still buy it….all after affect them will still come here to let everybody how dey get in pain…miracle scammers.”

Umar: “This is totally unacceptable, it’s high time govt regulates all this nonsense in the name of religion in Christianity or Islam even the traditional worshippers too much of scams and lies. May Almighty Allah guide us all to His right part. Pls repent before its too late.”

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