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Businessman Sells Cheating Wife to Friend for N893k After Catching Them in Bed

Businessman Sells Cheating Wife to Friend for N893k After Catching Them in Bed

  • A video of a man who caught his wife and his friend in bed has surfaced online, stirring crazy reactions
  • The Tanzanian man Issa Kasili caught his cheating wife with Mayombi Mwela and decided to break up with her
  • Kasili told his friend to take her as a wife and demanded KSh 240,000 (N893,799) for the woman

Nobody really knows what their reaction will be if they catch their spouse cheating. While some people will break down and cry, others will let hell loose but not Issa Kasili.

A video of a Tanzanian businessman Issa Kasili has surfaced online where he caught his wife in bed with his friend at a guest house.

Cheating wife

Kasili’s reaction to the situation has got everyone talking. Rather than wreaking havoc, he simply broke up with his wife and asked his friend to pay and take her as a wife.

According to EA TV, Kasili relinquished his wife to his friend but not without requesting the money that he had spent on her.

Reports have it that Kasili demanded KSh 240,000 (N893,799) which his friend did not hesitate to give to him.

“Pay me back my expenses and take her, she is now your wife,”

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Although the couple reportedly had a child together, the businessman ended the marriage with his cheating wife on that spot.

“You delivered a child for me and now you think you are untouchable. Our marriage is over from now,”.

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