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Fan To Pay Falz 300k To Follow Back On Instagram

Fan To Pay Falz 300k To Follow Back On Instagram

Fan to pay Falz 300k to follow back on Instagram? Hian, make una help me see something ooo, one of Falz fan is willing to pay him 300k just to follow him back on Instagram. No be small love be this ooo. E don reach like that?

Fan To Pay Falz 300k To Follow Back On Instagram

I love Falz very well, in fact I fell in love with Falz over and over again when he was featured in Jenifa’s Diary. But to give him 300k to follow back on Instagram? No way. It is enough that I follow him, must he follow me back? Wetin concern me.

If I see someone to give me 300k now, haa, I will be very grateful. This January kwa?

Fan To Pay Falz 300k To Follow Back On Instagram

Between, I was wondering why Falz should follow this guy back in the first place so I looked him up on Instagram. Guess what I discovered; he makes beats and also do vocals sometimes. He is still upcoming so I know why this would mean a lot to him. Oya Falz, abeg follow him naa. That would give this guy some huge credibility. Okay, I know my follow might not really count, plus I kinda suspect this is a huge stunt but I’m gonna go follow this guy.

To nrofficial22, just do your thing and keep improving on it everyday. With that, there’s a huge certainty you would be where you wanna be someday. Then you don’t have to pay or beg anyone to follow you.

To you reading this, work so hard until someone is willing to pay you so much for a follow back on social media. It must not be music, it can be anything. And know this, hard work pays, no matter what it is, believe it  and work it.

Anyway, I am just here doing my own thing, listening to “Softwork” by Falz.

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