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Billionaire kidnapper: Leave Evans alone! Arrest corrupt politicians – Nigerians blast police over arrest

While the hullabaloo caused by Nigeria’s richest kidnapper, billionaire Chukwudubem Onwuamadike alias Evans’ arrest is yet to settle in Nigeria, some citizens have shared their thoughts on what the law should do with / to him. In the last couple of days, Evans’ arrest have made top news headlines. The most wanted hardened kidnapper was arrested at the weekend alongside six members of his gang in Lagos State. Billionaire kidnapper: Leave Evans alone.

Shortly after his arrest, he told detectives that though he could not recall the number of people he kidnapped or the amount of money he collected as ransom, he was, however, able to mention a few.

Billionaire kidnapper: Leave Evans alone

Billionaire kidnapper: Leave Evans alone

He also made shocking revelations which have continued to thrill many Nigerians but some think he should be let free since ‘everyone’ especially politicians are looting monies here and there and no one does anything to them.

On social media platforms, we sample you some comments unedited. See below…

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Morys Radus: “I am not saying what he did is good but come to think of it Nigeria government is more criminal than him. So if you want to kill him I hope you will still go and arrest the politicians and kill them too.”

Nwafor Vitalis Chisom: “I knw the last person his group took, He is a good man that made money innocently frm pharmaceuticals. Why should a Man like that deserve to be in stockade for over three months, no haircut, no bathing, no changing of boxer shorts.. And they planned to kill him before he miraculously escaped. Can u imagine? The greedy bastard is crying after all the pple he suffered, 3 months without washing, only on one box shorts. With little or no food for his victims and he is here crying. Wat a joke??”

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Chive Ifeoluwa: “Abi ooo but they shouldn’t kill him may be they shud HV him 70 yrs in prison.”

Billionaire kidnapper: Leave Evans aloneFadibaba Victor: “Give him second chance and he will come back more stronger. Mumu people supporting kidnapper n his notorious gang. Selfish people everywhere in Nigeria, Becos u are poor n he can’t get close to u.”

Tolulope Evidence Kuye: “It doesn’t justify anything, so we should all start kidnapping??? If this man is freed, the the the mega kidnapping in nigeria, pls how are we so sure the story story kidnapping politicians family is real,cant it it another way of of cooking u u story so.”

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Ikhu-omoregbe Joseph Odion: “After a proper investigations i believe he was also involved in Hire Assassin.Kidnapping alone can not make him a billionaire. He should be sentence by firing squad or by Hanging along with all his groups.”

Emmy-boy Miki-joe: “Please don’t touch him ooh he is just a hustler, let the government collect all he has stolen from people and he go ..if u want to crucify him let us start from so called nigerian politicians , he is a great man and need to be recruited in nigerian Army or Navy.”

Juliet Gold: “Yes d politicians are more dangerous they are also ritualis nt dat am happy with what Evans did?he was looking for his daily body it’s perfect u know.all the politicians no there self oh.”

Gift Bawa: “I don’t understand why some people are saying they should free him. What is wrong with Nigerians? This is someone that has caused pain to so many people and some have died because of him. Why are you trying to compare him to politicians that we vote into office? He should be punished appropriately.”

Billionaire kidnapper: Leave Evans aloneSiaka Christopher Kargbo: “Anybody in Nigerian politics and Civil service who have never stolen a penny from government coffers should raise their hands in support to jail or execute this guy.”

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Salmah Mbuthia: “This is all nonsense because now who will celebrate with the money? Of course the government… He did not kill anyone, he just used his brain to make money… And now ur taking him to jail what for….. Sooo just send him to prison and after that they should give him what he sweated for.”

Tony J Omoregbe: “All igbo shouting kill him for what ,thk God he also kidnapped some igbo rich business men ,all u igbo pple do is to side him bcos is an igbo man right.”

Nnamdi Bugash Rozay: “Why dem no go arrest politicians looting money making the whole country suffer.God purnish police I swear.”

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