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I Stand For Peace In Kaduna by Frankie Walter @frankie_walter

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I Stand For Peace In Kaduna by Frankie Walter (Video)

For a very long time now, Nigeria has been troubled. Just when we though that our nightmares were over with Boko haram, the issues of herdsmen arose in different parts of the country. Some parts of Benue were seriously affected by the herdsmen and some even till today. I stand for peace in Kaduna by Frankie Walter (Video) is really what every body needs now.

NAIJA.FM I Stand For Peace In Kaduna by Frankie Walter @frankie_walter

Kaduna became a war zone not too long after. People were massacred and brutally killed. So many people lost their lives, others their home. People lost siblings, parents, relatives and peace. What we really can’t understand till today is how ordinary herdsmen could be heavily armed and well trained to operate some of these machines. Truth we never really get to the bottom of why these issues arose in the first place.

It’s being said that some of these occurrences was as a result of their livestock being massacred but we know that is a bull’s story.

For any nation to thrive there must be peace and harmony. We don’t have to be the same tribe or worship the same God. We don’t have to be born of the same parents or dress the same way. We must remember that we are all humans and what affects one affects the other, directly or indirectly. We all hurt when we lose someone, so why take life from another.

“I stand with peace in Kaduna” by Frankie Walter is an exclusive video done by the artist for Kaduna State. It is time that we embrace peace and unity instead of hate and mayhem.

Frankie Walter is an award winning singer, songwriter, record producer and Kies Records Frontliner based in Abuja. Late last year he released his album titled Misconception and early this year (Jan.3) he dropped the single Mr Damola which is making serious waves.

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