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Brymo Says He Will Go to Hell When He Dies!

Nigerian artiste, Olawale Ashimi, better known as Brymo, who also is a songwriter and composer took to twitter dropping a controversial  statement that  got Nigerians reacting. He said that ‘When I die I am going straight to hell, its where all the good people go’.

Now, this is becoming the order of the day where musician try to create a buzz around them either by what they say or sing but then again, it should be noted that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and there is no smoke without fire. Some of these artistes may be going through a period of depression that they can only express through music and it should be a call for concern because not every celebrity is taking the effects of what comes with being famous.


Brymo has not really being

in the music scene like when he first started out with Chocolate city. Ever since he left, his popularity drastically reduced and with the influx of new radical artistes blazing the airwaves with creativity, it might be pretty challenging for Brymo to keep up with the pace.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it should be taken lightly when artistes who are supposed to be role models to impressionable youths, come out to say a negatively laced statements. Remember, I wrote about how Olamide in his latest album, Glory said that he had sold his soul to dine with the devil??? That’s deep and because fans would want to associate with their celebrity crush, they would sing alongside songs with such deep lyrics and get drawn into the dark sides of entertainment.

The question still remains, are these artistes really psychologically okay or its just music?

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