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Taiwan Invasion: Joe Biden Threatens to Attack China

Taiwan Invasion: Joe Biden Threatens to Attack China

  • Joe Biden travels to Japan for the first time as a US president.
  • The president has threatened to attack China over Taiwan invasion.
  • China expresses dissatisfaction with Biden’s comment.

President Joe Biden said Monday that the United States’ military would intervene if China attempts a Taiwan invasion.

China considers Taiwan as part of its territory under the “one China” policy, something the US acknowledges too.

However, the president believes that it is not appropriate for China to take the self-dependent city by any forceful means.

The US president has been traveling to countries around Asia. Many claim that the aim of the visits is to unite allies that will counteract China’s rising influence worldwide.

Replying a reporter on Monday, Biden said the US military is ready to help Taiwan overcome China’s invasion.

The reporter asked if the United States would interfere in an invasion of Taiwan.

“Yes, “That’s the commitment we made.” Bidden replied:

“We agree with the One China policy. We signed on to it, and all the attendant agreements made from there, but the idea that it can be taken by force, just taken by force, is (just not) appropriate,”

China has now expressed its dissatisfaction at the comments of Joe Biden. The Asian giant has urged the US to follow the “one China” principle and avoid sending a wrong message to Taiwan separatist Forces.

Taiwan invasion

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In a statement released by a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, the spokesman responded saying:

“On issues concerning China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and other core interests, there is no room for compromise,”

“We urged the US side to earnestly follow the One China principle…be cautious in words and deeds on the Taiwan issue, and not send any wrong signal to pro-Taiwan independence and separatist forces — so it won’t cause serious damage to the situation across the Taiwan Strait and China-US relations.”

The US’ stand on this issue remains the same despite the recent comments of China, according to a White House official. The official claims that the government is committed to maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

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