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Elon Musk Attacks US President Joe Biden

Elon Musk Attacks US President Joe Biden 

  • Popular Billionaire and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk took shots at the U.S current president Joe Biden.
  • Musk said that the president was elected only because Americans wanted less drama after Donald Trump.
  • The billionaire called Twitter’s decision to ban Donald Trump extremely foolish.

On Thursday, popular billionaire and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk took shots at the U.S president, Joe Biden via his official Twitter account.

Elon Musk

He stated that Biden won the last election because the U.S citizens wanted less drama and preferred someone less divisive than the previous President Donald Trump. Elon Musk further said that President Joe Biden’s mistake is that he thinks he was elected to transform the U.S.

Musk, however, didn’t expand on what he meant by “drama” when referencing Donald Trump. Trump’s administration was tainted with sexual harassment allegations and it ended with claims that he stirred up an insurrection, both of which he completely denied.

The billionaire has also said that he thinks Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be unbanned because he wants the social media platform to be a place with freedom of speech.

Earlier this week, During a live-streamed event with The Financial Times, Elon Musk said Twitter’s decision to ban Donald Trump was extremely foolish. He added that he doesn’t officially own Twitter yet and that reversing Trump’s Twitter ban isn’t certain to happen.

Meanwhile, the day Elon Musk’s agreement for the purchase of Twitter was reported, Trump clearly stated that he has lost interest in using the social media platform and would not be returning.

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