Real-Life Dangerous “Squid Game” Event Set To Be Organized

Real-Life “Squid Game” Set To Be  Organized

  • A “Squid Game” themed event is set to be organized in the United Arab Emirates by the Korean Cultural Center
  • The organizers have announced that the game will open to 30 people and be held at the Korean Cultural Center Abu Dhabi’s office
  • The competition will include the games that were seen in the series including the popular Red Light, Green Light

Since Netflix’s popular dystopian series from South Korea, Squid Game launched, the show has generated a lot of hype and fans.

Squid Game

Even popular businessmen like Jeff Bezos have reacted to the quality of the show.

Squid Game tells the story of 456 people who were invited to participate in a competition for a chance to win a lump sum of money but with deadly stakes.

The competition involves the players completing a series of deadly challenges modeled after popular children’s games in Korea.

Fans of the show in the United Arab Emirates will be given a chance to experience the adventures of the show minus bloodshed.

The game is being organized by Korean Cultural Center and will include the games that were shown in the Netflix series.

The event has been slated in two sessions on October 12 at the center’s Abu Dhabi office and will feature two teams of 15 participants.

According to the center’s event page disclosed that four out of the 6 games shown in the Netflix series will be reenacted.

These include the “Red Light, Green Light” and “Dalgona Candy” that have become popular on Tik-Tok following the success of the series.

Players will also try out the “Marbles” and “Ddakji” (the paper flipping game) from the series.

Squid Game

Sadly, the winners of these games will only be going home with customized green tracksuits unlike $38 million in the series.

Well, it’s a good bargain considering that you don’t have to get slapped across the face to get invited and there’s no risk to your life.

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