Fifty Scribbled Words to the one I call Baby – Christiana Jayeoba

Fifty Scribbled Words to the one I call Baby is a book written by 21 Year Old Christiana Jayeoba a book which teaches love, how to start a relationship and what to do while in a relationship. It was officially launched on Monday, November 23rd.

Christiana Jayeoba is a lover of art and also a lover of literature who has shown her prolific writing skills in most of her old works of art ranging from stories like “ What if Jesus was a woman? Diary of a Lagos introvert.” to her poems. Her works can be found on her Facebook page with the name Christiana Jayeoba, she can jokingly be nicknamed Doctor of love for it seems she does better-writing anything that promotes or teaches love and Fifty Scribbled Words to the one I call Baby is no doubt a perfect example of the beauty in her writing skills.

At certain points in our lives as humans that we are, we’ve all been in love; we’ve all had that special person we were head over heels for. And still, as humans that we are, we are bound to fall in love and still keep falling till the world is no more because love is transient and as old as time itself. It is a necessity that everything under mother nature’s care cannot thrive without and that’s why the book 50 Scribbled Words to the One I Call Baby takes us on a journey of fifty ways to how we can define love.

Are you lost for words to say to that special person in your life? The book suffices with a mass of overflowing words. Are you bored with your partner already? The book has distinct areas of ways to reignite that fiery love that you seem to be missing. And are you in a long distance relationship? Pick up the book and your “baby” will always be two feet next to you.

With its free flow of un-coerced words from the author plus the extra non-English words ranging from Yoruba to Pidgin, all in a bid to define the four letter words, L.O.V.E, the book covers all areas of the ways of making overt the concealed aspects of the aforementioned word. And of a surety, it keeps you yearning for more, swiping to the last page till you find yourself starting all over again.

With an enriching focus on sweetness, relatable words which makes for easy read, Fifty Scribbled Words to the One I call Baby is one book which contains all the answers you need in fifty pages.

Here is a link to the beautiful collection of poems.
Fifty Scribbled Words to the One I call Baby by Christiana Jayeoba

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