Opera Launches World’s First Crypto Browser

Opera Launches World’s First Crypto Browser

  • Opera has laughed a dedicated cryptocurrency browser aimed at simplifying the Web3 user experience
  • The browser which is currently in the beta stage comes with features such as a built-in crypto wallet and access to crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces
  • The crypto browser is currently available for Android, Mac OS, and Windows, with an iOS app expected soon

Popular browser developer Opera has launched a new cryptocurrency browser that is dedicated to crypto trading and other blockchain transactions.


The new project was announced by the company on Wednesday is said to be a specialized Web3 browser that comes with its own crypto wallet.

The project aims to simplify the Web3 user experience which has proven to be difficult for mainstream users, according to Opera EVP Jorgen Arnensen.

The built-in non-custodial wallet will reportedly support blockchain such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo, and Nervos from the start.

Negotiations are currently on Polygon and others regarding a partnership that will allow their blockchains to be integrated into the browser.

Cryptocurrencies can be purchased and sold on the wallet and users can also send and receive directly in-wallet.

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In addition to the earlier stated features, the new crypto browser will allow users to GameFi and play through the metaverse.

The beta version of the Crypto Browser is now available for Android, Windows, and Mac, and an iOS version is expected soon, according to TechCrunch.

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