People Earn $50 Million Daily From Bitcoin Mining

People Earn $50 Million Daily From Bitcoin Mining

People Earn $50 Million Daily From Bitcoin Mining

  • Bitcoin miners have been earning more than $50 million every day in the past month according to data from Glassnode

  • The increase in their earning has been triggered by the increasing number of transactions on the blockchain

  • The amount earned from Bitcoin mining monthly currently is four times more than what was earned monthly a year ago

Miners in the Bitcoin market are raking in record revenues due to the increased number of transactions on the blockchain.

Bitcoin mining

According to data from Glassnode, miners have consistently been earning above $50 million for Bitcoin mining.

This represents a four times increase to their earnings a year ago ($12 million).

Also, the hash rate of flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of 178 exahash / sec.

What is Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining involves the process of adding transactions to the blockchain.

The blockchain holds the record of every Bitcoin transaction that has been performed.

Bitcoin miners contribute to the decentralized network to ensure that payment is secure.

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The Bitcoin miners solve complex mathematical problems and when a solution is found, the latest transaction is added to the blockchain.

As an incentive for mining, the miner who provides the solution is rewarded with a block of Bitcoin.

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