The World’s First Bitcoin Rehab Clinic for Crypto Addicts

Inside the Bitcoin Rehab Clinic for Crypto Addicts

  • A rehab clinic in Scotland has claimed that it offers rehabilitation services for people with cryptocurrency addiction
  • The Bitcoin rehab clinic has witnessed 10% more admission for people with crypto addiction in the past year
  • The clinic manager therapist Tony Marini claims that addiction to crypto trading is similar to gambling addiction

A bitcoin clinic in Scotland claims to be the first to offer rehabilitation services for people with cryptocurrency addiction.

Castle Craig, a private hospital in Peeblesshire near Edinburgh has reported that admission for Bitcoin addicts has gone up by 10% in the past year.

The clinic is headed by a therapist Tony Marini who claims that he is the first person to recognize that cryptocurrency trading is similar to gambling.

Marini stated that most crypto addicts start by trading occasionally but eventually get sucked in by dopamine from wins and the thrill of possibly earning millions.

The therapist however recounted that making such behavior an habit can lead t disasters such as money loss and suicide.

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Marini disclosed that one of his patients began trading crypto while working in a finance company. Addiction to trading caused him £1million from his employers.

Since 2017, this Bitcoin rehab clinic has treated more than 17 people with crypto trading addiction.

Bitcoin rehab clinic

Marini linked crypto addiction to other forms of addiction such as drinking and smoking. He also claimed that addiction was commonly witnessed in people between 20 and 45.

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